How to wash and care for your jacket

Washing and caring correctly for your Scandinavian Edition garment helps you enjoy your coat, jacket or parka for a long time. We've compiled a list of do's and dont's to help you care for your clothing and hope you'll use this guide for future reference and when the time comes.


Before your begin, you should turn your jacket inside out, close all zippers, empty all your pockets and have a look at the washing instructions on the inside of your garment. Not following the washing instructions can reduce the longevity of your jacket and it's performance. We want you to be extremely satisfied, so please check before you begin.


Just like no coats and jackets are created equal, no cleaning product is created equal. We suggest you only use cleaning products created for technical fabrics or alternatively, only use a midl washing detergent. Please take note that you SHOULD NOT use detergents especially made for wool, as these will leave residue and may reduce the breathability of your jacket.


Yes, you can wash your jacket or coat. Please do so gently and we recommend gentle machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius (cold). Also, you SHOULD NOT use fabric softener for the same reason as stated above, and MAKE SURE you wash it inside out in order to protect the durable water repellency treatment in your garment (DWR).


This one is really simple, you SHOULD NOT dry clean your garment, nor should you use any form of chlorine based bleach.


If you want to iron your garment, please do so at low temperature and do so with care. A streamer is quite perfect to use instead, if you have one.


You may tumble dry your garment at low temperature, and again, make sure to turn your jacket or coat inside out. Or, to slow dry for a more gentle process, you could simply hang dry your garment.


Over time, the waterproofing will need replenishment. This is quite normal for any quality, light and breathable technical garment, and for this purpose we recommend using a spray-on DWR. You should be able to get one at most larger retailers of sporting and outdoors goods.

If you're in doubt, we're happy to offer more advice or answer any questions you may have, so do not hesitate to contact us at hello[@]

Now, get your jacket or coat out and check the label in your garment straight away. That way, you'll remember what to do when the time comes and you can always return to this page for reference or save the image below.


wash and care jackets

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