Gently Designed & Attention to Detail


High Quality Insulation

When insulation is being used, we work with high quality brands to give you a warm, durable and eco-friendly synthetic insulation. The result is a warm product with great freedom of movement and the unique feeling of being well dressed.

Taped & Sealed Seams

Jackets can be treated with a waterproof coating and have a waterproof membrane, but still not be fully waterproof. This is why we added taped seams. These are heat sealed seams that stop water from seeping through the stitches. This is especially functional if you wear your jacket in heavy, prolonged rain.

Windproof & Breathable

Our duo-layer membrane design and taped jackets offer protection from wind in the most severe conditions, while still being permeable from the inside to allow for breathability. Use one of our thermal layers for added comfort when conditions are cold.

Waterproof Membrane

Our jacket are carefully crafted using breathable and waterproof fabrics. These consist of an outer fabric and a bonded membrane. Together, these qualities make your jacket look stylish and makes sure you're protected from the rain. For a nice finish inside the jackets, we use a liner fabric.