Our roots are Scandinavian

This is where refined style meets rough weather

Our journey is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality

Inspired by Scandinavian design as it emerged in the 1950’s, we like the idea that beautiful and functional everyday objects should be made available to everyone, and strive to create products with great value for money – without making compromises.

We believe patience is a virtue and pay great attention to detail and materials

Dedicated work and research have been put into the details – for you to feel and appreciate the difference, the moment you start wearing a Scandinavian Edition product. We designed our waterproof, seam-sealed, insulated shell jackets to give people living in cold urban environments an alternative to the traditional coat – a perfect mix between refined style and practical function. Add a mid-layer like our Thinline insulation jacket to create an extra barrier against the cold.

Our unique approach is to create urban looking, yet functional styles for men and women

We continuously strive to offer a range of clean “city look” jackets and coats with superior technical quality – at a competitive price point. The jackets can be worn more causally, or with a suit for work – a great alternative to the traditional coat or parka. The jackets and coats have a very diverse customer base and are created to blend in with your personal style.