Torrent Midnight Blue (AW21)
Torrent Midnight Blue (AW21)
Torrent Midnight Blue (AW21)
Torrent Midnight Blue (AW21)
Torrent Midnight Blue (AW21)
Torrent Midnight Blue (AW21)

Torrent Midnight Blue (AW21)

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A minimalistic take on a hooded puffer jacket filled with sustainable down. Torrent has a waterproof front zipper and welded seams in the down channels. The outside waist pockets have two-way zippers for ease of use.

Technical Features:
- Face fabric with 20 000 mm water column
- Windproof
- Breathable two-way mechanical stretch fabric
- Outside waist pockets 
- Waterproof front zipper
- Inside chest pocket with zip
- Insulated with 90/10 RDS certified down
- Fixed hood

Comfort zone: +5 to -15

Fit: Fitted

We believe that in order to look well – one needs to feel well. To feel well in regard to jackets, fit is a crucial factor. We have 4 types of fits in our collection: 

Designed to fit close to the body, tapered cut trough the midsection and waist. Normal shoulder width. Sleeves are made more tailored than a fitted or regular shape. The go-to fit for anyone with a slim to athletic body type.

Designed to follow the bodys natural lines without tapering. Normal shoulder width. Fitted is a versatile shape that feels slightly narrower than a regular fit, but with more flexibility compared to a slim fit. Compared to a regular shape, it is slightly fitted in the waist and sleeves. Typically a go-to for a rectangular body type or if you want some extra space to wear a sweater or mid-layer jacket/gilet underneath.

Designed for a normal shoulder width and square-cut lines that makes for a classic feeling. Typically a go-to if you like your clothes to be a bit wider. The regular fit gives you more space for sporting larger sweaters or several layers of insulation underneath.

Our widest fit. It does not take body definition into consideration. Choose your standard size to get the preferred look, or drop one size to get a regular shaped jacket. The design is meant to have a drop-shoulder and is all about slouch, volume and less texture. The oversized design brings a typical cool relaxed look, easy to combine with several layers and mid-layer jackets.

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