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Morning mindfulness

It's a cold morning, just outside Oslo city. Siri Østvold, environmental activist and freediver, is starting the day with a nice walk to the waterfront. We joined the woman who sailed from Hawaii to Canada for a cold, but therapeutic morning swim.

Siri Østvold is used to dealing with whatever mother nature throws at her. This cold, crisp morning at Ingierstrand beach, just outside Oslo, is nothing compared to the weather conditions she has experienced.

She is an explorer by heart. Her love for the ocean is what drives her. Regular morning swims are like therapy, she says. Jumping in cold water is excellent for clearing the head before a busy day. The freezing cold water does not seem to bother her. However, it is essential to get warm as fast as possible when coming out of the cold water.

The comfort of a warm, windproof jacket is just what Siri needs before sitting down for a quick coffee and a snack.

Siri is heading back home. Back into the city, feeling ready for a new day. And to do this all over again. And again and again.

"The feel of the water is like therapy"

"Feeling relaxed and ready for a new day"

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