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Scandinavian Edition was founded in 2010 to create an alternative to the traditional wool coat. First, 100 jackets were made for friends and family to see if we could pull it off. The response to our design and quality was great, and soon friends of friends were asking us to run a second production. From those humble beginnings, we are proud to have grown into a global jacket brand, shipping jackets all over the globe — from Taiwan to New York.

Inspired by Scandinavian design as it emerged in the 1950s, we like the idea that beautiful and functional everyday objects should be made available to everyone. Therefore, we strive to create products with excellent value for money without compromising. We believe patience is a virtue and pay great attention to detail and materials.

Dedicated work and research have been put into the details of our products – for you to feel and appreciate the difference from the moment you start wearing a Scandinavian Edition jacket. We have designed our jackets to give people living in urban environments an alternative to the traditional wool coat – a perfect mix between refined style and practical function.


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