The long way to work

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The long way to work

It's early. Very early, in Oslo. Jonas Strømberg is used to being awake at this hour. He usually gets up before the sunrise to get an hour on the bicycle. In any weather. We joined him on a 10 minute detour to work. 

For Jonas Strømberg, biking is everything. He lives and breathes it. It is his hobby, form of transportation and work. He says that his daily morning rides are a great way of relaxing the brain before a busy day. A break from a hectic everyday life.

When living in Oslo, you need to be dressed for any weather. The clothes you wear can either make you or break you. A good jacket has to be functional, waterproof, windproof and warm - especially when you reside in a city with so much different weather.

These morning rides are a great way for Jonas to stop and contemplate the nature around him. To get a nice cup of coffee from the local shop, and say hi to some long time friends. No wonder he wants to start the days like this. Everyday.

"This, to me, is the most peaceful way to start the day"

"A 10-minute detour before work is just what I need"

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