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The weather plays a part in defining the soul of Scandinavia. Harsh winters and unpredictable summers compel us to think about how we live with the elements, it’s a mindset.

This is the principle on which Scandinavian Edition is formed. We design clothing that allows people to enjoy everyday life, with clothing that is fit for purpose – no more no less.

We call this approach Refined Function.® Influenced by our Nordic design heritage, we design clothing for its intended conditions. Each Edition is tailored to be light, with a generous range of movement. The careful selection of materials keeps you comfortable. Whilst each piece is made with attention to detail, balancing elegance with functionality to create clothing with enduring quality.

From business trips, city life, to weekends outside our versatile jackets become a go-to staple for those seeking a sharp, but simple look that captures the spirit of Scandinavia.


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