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Revealing the essence 

Our first design in 2010 was an experiment to redesign the classic wool coat. We made four hundred for family and friends. The response was a resounding success, but something more profound happened back then.

We discovered that through simplification we could improve on a classic. Replacing outmoded materials with functional and sustainably superior ones. Sculpting the volume of the garment for improved comfort and feel. Crafting and refining until the essence of the coat revealed itself. This is how we set the standard for the first Scandinavian Edition jacket and we’ve been iterating ever since.

The process became our design ethos, now known as Refined Function®. It informs everything we do as a business, all with the aim of providing both functional and beautiful clothing available to everybody. It’s a principle that resonates with discerning customers, beyond Scandinavia, as far as Tokyo to San Francisco.

The moment you wear a Scandinavian Edition you may not see the details, but you ‘feel’ them. Protection, mobility and comfort combine with a timeless simplicity to provide the wearer with a premium experience they can enjoy every day.

When a design satisfies these criteria, only then do we feel it deserves the Scandinavia Edition Marque. It’s a symbol of quality, representing the Nordic flags and respect for design tradition we uphold. 


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